It’s nearly here!

Here at OTPC towers I think we get more excited about Halloween than any other date on the calendar.  This year is no different with an even bigger line up than ever. Thanks to the wonderful way the world turns, we get the 31st October on a Wednesday this year, and we couldn’t be happier.  Not to let this astrological stroke of luck go to waste, the parties start on the Friday 26th and run until Saturday 3rd.  That is 8 days of unadulterated party time – woop!

There is not enough space,time or energy to list even the top picks for this monstrous extravaganza – click here to see the full list of everything going on

It still didn’t feel like enough though, so after we cracked open the astro belts (sorry kids – we will get more before the big day) our fizzy brains came up with a belter of a plan..

Let’s give away a crisp £50 bar tab to the best pumpkin carver we can find!  That’s right people! £50! Carve your way to cold hard cash.

Get over to the Facebook for all the info and T&C’s