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Don’t understand our chat?! Get up to speed with the Scottish jargon below.

Banter = The playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks

Scran = Food

Pure braw night oot = Excellent evening out

Take heed = Please note…

Lugholes = Ears

Photies = Pictures taken with a modern camera device

Nips = Nipples

Gies a Shout = Get in touch

Aye pal = Yes friend

Guid = Good

Barry = Good

Gadgie = Person

Barry gadgie = Good person

Jakie = A scottish word for an alcoholic/drunkard/tink

Deek = Look at / peek or a person called Derek

Dode = A wee bit / a smidgen, or a person called George

Messages = Are grocery shopping, and only grocery shopping. Clothes shopping is not messages. Bread, milk, eggs, etc – all messages

Bonce = Your bonce is your head

Wee = Small

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