Ho-Ho-Ho 🎅 one month today until Christmas day! Let the festive partying begin YAASS! We have so much on this weekend for you party animals and you not-so party animals 😉 Check out what we’ve hand picked for you, below:

Friday 26.11.21 🤙
Twist & Shout 60s night at La Belle Angele
Mad Ferret playing live at Stramash
Powerhouse: Hendonism, Unity & Freedom playing the Mash House
Davey Sloan & the Rattlers live at Whistlebinkies

Saturday 27.11.21😎
Slice Club Night at Subway Cowgate (get to subway social for pre-drinks)
➢ Live Music at Whistlebinkies and at Stramash
12 years of Pulse: Setaoc Mass at The Mash house
Anthem Saturdays at Legends

Sunday 28.11.21 🍻
The Handsome House Jam at Stramash
Porrige Radio + Naima Bock at The Mash House
Skint Sunday Service at Subway Cowgate

⚡️ Oh and we can’t forget our fave party locations: Bar Salsa and The Globe – open til late for a boogie⚡️

BUT if your one of those not-so party animals but still want to have a cracker of a weekend, we have a selection of venues for a pint, a bite to eat or a relaxing afternoon/evening:
George IV Bar
McGonagall’s Gin & Whisky Emporium
The Royal Mile Tavern
The Fiddlers Arms
Halfway House

💃 We hope to see you out and about in the Old Town ;) 💃