Team Talk

Here at OTPC we have many, many legends. Some local and some internationally recognised bad asses. These front-line warriors are the reason you (and I) love our wee venues. As I now have a way to big them up I thought I would grab the opportunity before it is snatched away… a bit like my dignity on Binkies dance floor circa 3am.

So, who to pick first, so many choices……
Well there are a bunch of behind the scenes, absolute total legends that only a select few real-world patrons ever get to see. The early risers that keep the whole dirty hospitality machine greased and grinding. Our beloved cleaning Team. Without whom there is no way any of us would function!

Paul (neebir) – literally no words will do this man justice! A powerhouse of sweat and swearing. Hats off and we salute you.
Davey – unsung hero of the Old Town and demon artist. You can check out his stuff on our merch page, it is unbelievable.

Marcia – This burd is solid gold! Brightens my morning every time – even though she does leave the dam milk in the jug!

Louise – Most recent to the team but loved just as much (OK Karen maybe loves Paul more but that’s a whole other blog)

Keith – It’s the quiet ones you need to watch out for… I can honestly say I have never heard him speak but absolutely no way I would move his mop.

I was going to put up some candid arty photos of them, cctv footage of them sweating away the grime from the many dancefloors but not only would that reveal their secret super hero identities it may also put the evil headhunting team into overdrive and there is no way we are letting go of our secret weapons.

So next time you are leaving one of our dens of iniquity or dragging your knuckles from the dancefloor at 3am. Take a moment to think of the sheer force of awesome it takes to clean up after you cats, especially at 6am on a cold winters morning.
Here’s to the clean team – we love you!